One-step surgical placement of Brånemark implants: a prospective multicenter clinical study.

  title={One-step surgical placement of Br{\aa}nemark implants: a prospective multicenter clinical study.},
  author={William Becker and Burton E Becker and Hilton Israelson and Jean Pierre Lucchini and Mark Handelsman and William F. Ammons and Ester Rosenberg and Louis F Rose and Lindsay M Tucker and Ulf Lekholm},
  journal={The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants},
  volume={12 4},
This prospective longitudinal multicenter study evaluated the clinical outcomes after placement and restoration of one-step Brånemark implants into the maxillae and mandibles of completely and partially edentulous patients. Six surgical treatment centers participated in this study, in which 135 implants were placed into 63 adult patients. All implants were stable after placement. The majority of implants were placed into type B bone with minimal jaw resorption and type 2 bone quality. After… CONTINUE READING


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