One-step real time RT-PCR for detection of microRNAs.

  title={One-step real time RT-PCR for detection of microRNAs.},
  author={Jingli Yan and Nan Zhang and Cui Ying Qi and Xiangjun Liu and Dihua Shangguan},
Rapid and simple methods for microRNA (miRNA) detection are essential for biological research of miRNAs and clinical diagnosis. Here we describe a sensitive and specific real time RT-PCR (also RT-qPCR) method for miRNA quantification. The whole detection process including reverse transcription and PCR is performed in one PCR tube by a one-step operation on a real-time PCR system. The results display a wide linear range from 0.1 amol to 10 fmol with a detection limit of 12.6 zmol for miRNA let… CONTINUE READING

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