One-step cloning approach for construction of agroinfectious begomovirus clones.

  title={One-step cloning approach for construction of agroinfectious begomovirus clones.},
  author={Paulo de Tarso de Oliveira Ferreira and Tha{\'i}s Oliveira Lemos and Tatsuya Nagata and A. K. Inoue-nagata},
  journal={Journal of virological methods},
  volume={147 2},
Most begomoviruses have a bipartite genome containing two circular ssDNA segments (DNA-A and DNA-B). Routine infectious clone construction relies upon cloning of the whole genome, which is then subcloned as a tandem one-and-half or two genome- (containing two replication origins) cassette into a vector prior to agro-inoculation. The construction of cassettes containing two replication origins is, however, a time-consuming process. Here an improved method for rapid construction of agroinfectious… CONTINUE READING
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