One-quasiparticle bands in neutron-rich

  title={One-quasiparticle bands in neutron-rich},
  author={Toshiyuki Shizuma and Takanobu Ishii and Hiroyuki Makii and Takahide Hayakawa and Makoto Matsuda and Satoru Shigematsu and E. Ideguchi and Yong Ping Zheng and Ming-rui Liu and Tatsuya Morikawa and Makito Oi}
Modest spin states in neutron-rich 187 W have been populated by using a 186 W(18 O, 17 O) one-neutron transfer reaction. Negative-parity bands previously known are extended to higher spin, and two positive-parity bands are newly identified. Configurations based on ν i 13/2 orbitals are assigned to these bands from an analysis of the level energy systematics… CONTINUE READING