One-pot synthesis of 4,5-biphenyl-2-pyrimidinylguanidine derivatives.

  title={One-pot synthesis of 4,5-biphenyl-2-pyrimidinylguanidine derivatives.},
  author={Zun-ting Zhang and Fei-Fei Xu and Mi-xiang Gao and Li Qiu},
  journal={Journal of combinatorial chemistry},
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A simple and straightforward methodology toward the synthesis of novel 4,5-biphenyl-2-pyrimidinylguanidine compounds has been developed by one-pot reaction of biguaninde or dimethyldiguanide with isoflavones. A series of 20 new compounds was reported. All of them were characterized by FT-IR, NMR, and elemental analysis. A typical compound was determined by X-ray diffraction. A variety of substrates can participate in the process with good yields and high purities, making this methodology… Expand
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One‐Step Synthesis of 1‐(4,5‐Diphenylpyrimidin‐2‐yl)thiourea
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One‐step synthesis of 2‐amino‐5‐(4,5‐diphenylpyrimidin‐2‐ylamino)pentanoic acid from isoflavones and arginine
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Synthesis of Constrained Heterocycles Employing Two Post-Ugi Cyclization Methods for Rapid Library Generation with In Cellulo Activity.
Developing novel constrained heterocyclic compounds attached to the N1 position of both benzimidazole and quinoxalinone scaffolds using robust post-Ugi cyclization methods allows for efficient access to a new area of chemical space. Expand
Pot-economic synthesis of diarylpyrazoles and pyrimidines involving Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling of 3-trifloxychromone and triarylbismuth
The present study reveals the formation of 3,4-diarylpyrazole and 4,5-diarylpyrimidine in one-pot operation starting from 3-trifloxychromone and triarylbismuth. The complete process encompasses twoExpand