One-pot synthesis of biopolymeric hollow nanospheres by photocrosslinking.


Biopolymeric hollow nanospheres with stabilized structure have been prepared by self-assembly of amphiphatic photocrosslinkable carboxymethyl chitosans in a water medium into hollow nanocapsules and subsequent in situ photo-crosslinking of the photoreactive functional groups in the shells of the nanocapsules.

DOI: 10.1039/c0cc03129a

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@article{Yin2010OnepotSO, title={One-pot synthesis of biopolymeric hollow nanospheres by photocrosslinking.}, author={Yihua Yin and Sha Xu and Dan Chang and Hua Zheng and Junli Li and Xiaoping Liu and Peihu Xu and Fuliang Xiong}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2010}, volume={46 43}, pages={8222-4} }