One-point localization for branching random walk in Pareto environment

  title={One-point localization for branching random walk in Pareto environment},
  author={Marcel Ortgiese and Matthew I. Roberts},
  journal={arXiv: Probability},
We consider a branching random walk on the lattice, where the branching rates are given by an i.i.d. Pareto random potential. We show a very strong form of intermittency, where with high probability most of the mass of the system is concentrated in a single site with high potential. The analogous one-point localization is already known for the parabolic Anderson model, which describes the expected number of particles in the same system. In our case, we rely on very fine estimates for the… Expand
The Bouchaud-Anderson model with double-exponential potential
Particle systems with coordination
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Almost Sure Asymptotics for the Total Mass
Moment Asymptotics for the Total Mass
Details About Intermittency
Tools and Concepts
Time-Dependent Potentials
Some Proof Techniques