One pendulum to run them all

  title={One pendulum to run them all},
  author={Gabriela Barenboim and Jos{\'e} Angel Oteo},
  journal={European Journal of Physics},
The analytical solution for the three-dimensional linear pendulum in a rotating frame of reference is obtained, including Coriolis and centrifugal accelerations, and expressed in terms of initial conditions. This result offers the possibility of treating Foucault and Bravais pendula as trajectories of the same system of equations, each of them with particular initial conditions. We compare them with the common two-dimensional approximations in textbooks. A previously unnoticed pattern in the… Expand
Conical Pendulum: Part 2. A Detailed Theoretical and Computational Analysis of the Period, Tension and Centripetal Forces.
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Conical Pendulum Part 3: Further Analysis with Calculated Results of the Period, Forces, Apex Angle, Pendulum Speed and Rotational Angular Momentum.
The conical pendulum provides a rich source of theoretical and computational analysis and the present work presents a seamless continuation of the previous publication. The tension force FT andExpand
Non-standard Lagrangians in rotational dynamics and the modified Navier–Stokes equation
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Gyroscopic theory of the Foucault pendulum : New Berry phases and sensitivity to syzygies
The normal way of exploiting a Foucault pendulum is by considering the total precession angle described during a complete cycle and to cumulate those elementary precession increments in order toExpand
The present educational research is focused on the solution of didactic problem of an engineering-friendly description and explanation of the dynamics and control of Foucault pendulum-like systems,Expand


The Bravais pendulum: the distinct charm of an almost forgotten experiment
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Traité de méchanique rationelle , vol . 2 , p . 296 ( Gauthier – Villars . Paris )
  • 1953
Traité de méchanique rationelle, vol.2, p.296 (Gauthier–Villars
  • 1953
The Foucault Pendulum Star Path and the n-Leaved Rose
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