[One of the procedure for quality control].


It goes without saying that assurance of quality control in a clinical laboratory is the most essential factor which can be easily influenced by how medical support is practiced. In recent years, the appreciation of a narrow sense of quality control in analysis has become the central focus. These days, however, we are seeing that reports of examinations have been submitted to doctor with mistake which come in stages from the patient's materials for examinations to making the report. We have not only cleared up the cause but we have also checked our work on these kinds of faulty reports and thought of measures for mistake in putting them to practical use. Moreover, as we have developed the laboratory system with full-time staff in our institution, we have been able to take advantage of this kind of problem to accomplish our laboratory work. To avoid a mistake, comprehension and collaboration of MD and co-medical staff is required. To ensure this end, it is also required that we usually communicate with an MD and nurse. It is possible that our carelessness cause us to make mistake in our work such as bleeding examination after usual hours. These examinations are based on a basic line of sharing this sort of work with all staff. In future, we aim for laboratory examination to permeate not only in a laboratory but also in the whole hospital.

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