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One new species of Gonista bolivar from Yunnan Province(Acridoidea:Acrididae)

  title={One new species of Gonista bolivar from Yunnan Province(Acridoidea:Acrididae)},
  author={Zheng Zhe-min and Yao Yan-ping},
  journal={Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University},
A new species of Gonista Bolivar is described in this paper.Type specimens are kept in the Institute of Zoology,Shaanxi Normal University.Gonista wenquanensissp.nov.(Fig.1)This new species is allied to Gonista chayuensis Yin,but differs in the following:1) median ocellus of male posited slightly below the middle of frontal ridge,the part which is upper the median ocellus(1.3) times the part which is below the median ocellus;2) mesosternal lobes separated each other;3) elytra short,reaching the…