One loop tests of higher spin AdS/CFT

  title={One loop tests of higher spin AdS/CFT},
  author={S. Giombi and I. Klebanov},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractVasiliev’s type A higher spin theories in AdS4 have been conjectured to be dual to the U(N) or O(N) singlet sectors in 3-d conformal field theories with N-component scalar fields. We compare the $ \mathcal{O} $(N0) correction to the 3-sphere free energy F in the CFTs with corresponding calculations in the higher spin theories. This requires evaluating a regularized sum over one loop vacuum energies of an infinite set of massless higher spin gauge fields in Euclidean AdS4. For the… Expand
Partition Functions and Casimir Energies in Higher Spin AdS d+1 /CFT d
Recently, the one-loop free energy of higher spin (HS) theories in Euclidean AdSd+1 was calculated and matched with the orderN 0 term in the free energy of the largeN \vectorial" scalar CFT on the SExpand
One-loop test of free SU(N ) adjoint model holography
A bstractWe consider the holographic duality where the CFT side is given by SU(N ) adjoint free scalar field theory. Compared to the vector models, the set of single trace operators is immenselyExpand
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Vectorial AdS5/CFT4 duality for spin-one boundary theory
We consider an example of vectorial AdS5/CFT4 duality when the boundary theory is described by free N complex or real Maxwell fields. It is dual to a particular ('type C') higher spin theory in AdS5Expand
The ABC of Higher-Spin AdS/CFT
In recent literature one-loop tests of the higher-spin AdS$_{d+1}$/CFT$_d$ correspondences were carried out. Here we extend these results to a more general set of theories in $d>2$. First, weExpand
Exceptional F (4) higher-spin theory in AdS6 at one-loop and other tests of duality
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AdS/CFT in Fractional Dimension and Higher Spin Gravity at One Loop
Large-$N$, $\epsilon$-expansion or the conformal bootstrap allow one to make sense of some of conformal field theories in non-integer dimension, which suggests that AdS/CFT may also extend toExpand
A study of quantum field theories in AdS at finite coupling
A bstractWe study the O(N) and Gross-Neveu models at large N on AdSd+1 background. Thanks to the isometries of AdS, the observables in these theories are constrained by the SO(d, 2) conformal groupExpand
Quartic AdS interactions in higher-spin gravity from Conformal Field Theory
A bstractClarifying the locality properties of higher-spin gravity is a pressing task, but notoriously difficult due to the absence of a weakly-coupled flat regime. The simplest non-trivial caseExpand


AdS description of induced higher-spin gauge theory
A bstractWe study deformations of three-dimensional large N CFTs by double-trace operators constructed from spin s single-trace operators of dimension Δ. These theories possess UV fixed points, andExpand
An AdS_3 Dual for Minimal Model CFTs
We propose a duality between the 2d W{sub N} minimal models in the large N't Hooft limit, and a family of higher spin theories on AdS{sub 3}. The 2d conformal field theories (CFTs) can be describedExpand
d = 3 bosonic vector models coupled to Chern-Simons gauge theories
A bstractWe study three dimensional O(N)k and U(N)k Chern-Simons theories coupled to a scalar field in the fundamental representation, in the large N limit. For infinite k this is just the singletExpand
ABJ Triality: from Higher Spin Fields to Strings
We demonstrate that a supersymmetric and parity violating version of Vasiliev's higher spin gauge theory in AdS$_4$ admits boundary conditions that preserve ${\cal N}=0,1,2,3,4$ or 6 supersymmetries.Expand
Chern–Simons theory with vector fermion matter
We study three-dimensional conformal field theories described by U(N) Chern–Simons theory at level k coupled to massless fermions in the fundamental representation. By solving a Schwinger–DysonExpand
Holography in 4 D ( Super ) Higher Spin Theories and a Test via Cubic Scalar Couplings
The correspondences proposed previously between higher spin gauge theories and free singleton field theories were recently extended into a more complete picture by Klebanov and Polyakov in the caseExpand
Higher spin gauge theory and holography: the three-point functions
In this paper we calculate the tree level three-point functi ons of Vasiliev’s higher spin gauge theory in AdS4 and find agreement with the correlators of the free field theory of N massless scalarsExpand
Constraining conformal field theories with a slightly broken higher spin symmetry
We consider three-dimensional conformal field theories that have a higher spin symmetry that is slightly broken. The theories have a large-N limit in the sense that the operators separate into singleExpand
Exact higher-spin symmetry in CFT: all correlators in unbroken Vasiliev theory
A bstractAll correlation functions of conserved currents of the CFT that is dual to unbroken Vasiliev theory are found as invariants of higher-spin symmetry in the bulk of AdS. The conformal andExpand
Holography of the N=1 higher spin theory on AdS(4)
We argue that the N = 1 higher-spin theory on AdS4 is holographically dual to the N = 1 supersymmetric critical O(N) vector model in three dimensions. This appears to be a special form of the AdS/CFTExpand