One-loop renormalization of the NMSSM in SloopS. II. The Higgs sector

  title={One-loop renormalization of the NMSSM in SloopS. II. The Higgs sector},
  author={Genevieve B'elanger and V. Bizouard and F. Boudjema and Guillaume Chalons},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present a full one-loop renormalisation of the Higgs sector of the Next-to-Minimal- Supersymmetric-Standard-Model (NMSSM) and its implementation within SloopS, a code for the automated computations of one-loop processes in theories beyond the Stan- dard Model. The present work is the sequel to the study we performed on the renor- malisation of the sectors of the NMSSM comprising neutralinos, charginos and sfermions thereby completing the full one-loop renormalisation of the NMSSM. We have… 

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