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One kind of waste water treatment method and system

  title={One kind of waste water treatment method and system},
  author={刘杰 and 王亚东 and 娄高彬 and 李传举 and 马宁 and 王俊安 and 姜安平},
  • 刘杰, 王亚东, +4 authors 姜安平
  • Published 2013
  • Environmental Science
  • The present invention discloses a method and system for wastewater treatment, sewage treatment belongs. The method uses water pretreatment unit connected in sequence, two biological treatment means and a depth processing unit, comprising the steps of: pretreatment: treated sewage into the water pretreatment unit by filtration, flotation or sedimentation, removal of sewage suspended matter; secondary biological treatment: after pretreatment of sewage into the secondary biological treatment unit… CONTINUE READING

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