One hundred years of Lewis Chemical Bond!

  title={One hundred years of Lewis Chemical Bond!},
  author={Elangannan Arunan and Eluvathingal D. Jemmis and Vijayanand Subramanian},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Sciences},
When a suggestion about a special issue on the Chemical Bond came to us from the Editor, we readily agreed. After nine months, we are pleased to present the special issue of the Journal of Chemical Science to celebrate the 100th year of the ‘electron pair bond’ proposed by G. N. Lewis.1 By any stretch of imagination of that period, this was a conceptual quantum jump, coming more than a decade ahead of quantum mechanics and the Schrödinger’s equation. However, the periodic table of elements was… 
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Dominance of unique Pπ phosphorus bonding with π donors: evidence using matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy and computational methodology.

The dominance of phosphorus bonding over other interactions was confirmed and substantiated using extended quantum theory of atoms in molecules, natural bond orbital, electrostatic potential mapping and energy decomposition analyses, and the following inferences offer a complete understanding of the nature of the Pπ phosphorus bonding interactions.

Clef topo-toxicity by cubic representations of organophosphates

Abstract The present article studies a series of organophosphate analog molecules used as pesticides. The study involves calculations of some of the most relevant connectivity indices (as Wiener



Abegg, Lewis, Langmuir, and the Octet Rule.

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