One-dimensional isoelectric focusing of proteins in slab gels.

  title={One-dimensional isoelectric focusing of proteins in slab gels.},
  author={Hidde L. Ploegh},
  journal={Current protocols in protein science},
  volume={Chapter 10},
  pages={Unit 10.2}
This unit describes isoelectric focusing (IEF) of polypeptides in urea-containing polyacrylamide slab gels as a result of a pH gradient created by ampholytes (small charged organic molecules) in the gel in response to an electric field. Separation on the basis of isoelectric point produces bands of polypeptides that can be electrotransferred to suitable membranes for further analysis, for example, by staining or immunodetection. If samples have been radiolabeled, they can be visualized by… CONTINUE READING

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