One Welfare – a platform for improving human and animal welfare

  title={One Welfare – a platform for improving human and animal welfare},
  author={Rebeca Garc{\'i}a Pinillos and Michael C. Appleby and Xavier Manteca and Freda Scott-Park and C. W. Smith and Antonio Velarde},
  journal={Veterinary Record},
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Adopting the concept of One Welfare could help to improve animal welfare and human wellbeing worldwide, argue Rebeca García Pinillos, Michael Appleby, Xavier Manteca, Freda Scott-Park, Charles Smith and Antonio Velarde 

Challenges and Solutions to Supporting Farm Animal Welfare in Ireland: Responding to the Human Element

Title Challenges and Solutions to Supporting Farm Animal Welfare in Ireland: Responding to the Human Element Authors(s) Devitt, Catherine; Hanlon, Alison; More, Simon John; Kelly, Patricia C.; Blake,

Animal welfare research – progress to date and future prospects

The welfare status of an animal is dependent on its ability to cope and exist in harmony with its environment, such that good physical and psychological health is maintained. Improving animal

Animal Welfare in EU: the perspective of ASPA (Italian Animal Science and Production Association)

  • 2021
Humans must safeguard animals and environment The concept of respect for animals is inherent in human nature and suggests that animals have an intrinsic value for humanity and the planet (UNESCO,

We need to make more use of technology in the slaughter industry to improve welfare

Rebeca García Pinillos explains how the use of advanced technologies could help drive forward improvements in farm animal welfare during slaughter processes, as well as staff wellbeing.

Towards Farm Animal Welfare and Sustainability

The means by which both animal welfare science and policy should articulate with these emerging global debates are explored, and a number of possible recommendations for how a scientifically informed, sustainable animal welfare policy might flourish are concluded.

Animal welfare in relation to human welfare and sustainability – a review paper

What should we change in the future? As a consequence of the one health, one welfare and one biology concepts, for most of our decisions we should be less human-centred if we want our species and

Animal Welfare and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The results of this study suggest a mutually beneficial relationship between improving animal welfare and achieving SDGs, and this should be confirmed on a wider group of people, for example people from less developed countries and other stakeholders.

Linking Animal Welfare and Antibiotic Use in Pig Farming—A Review

Simple Summary Minimising stress in intensive pig farms is paramount to raising immunocompetent pigs. This entails providing the pigs with living conditions (from birth to the point of slaughter)

Understanding the Role of Therapy Dogs in Human Health Promotion

This review aims to assess the impact of human–animal interactions on therapy dogs engaged in providing support to human health and identified a range of concerns due to the lack of guidelines and standards to protect the wellbeing of the dogs engage in these programmes.

Determining Animals Quality of Life: Veterinary Criteria and Assessment

There are ethical inconsistencies in the treatment of animals which are accepted on the basis of various cultural, religious and economic ideologies and values rather than on a scientific, biological

One welfare: a call to develop a broader framework of thought and action.

It is proposed that the separation between human, social, and animal welfare is an artificial compartmentalization and that the concept of connecting human welfare and social welfare to the diverse body of what is now considered animal welfare should be embraced.

Animal welfare: an aspect of care, sustainability, and food quality required by the public.

  • D. Broom
  • Business, Medicine
    Journal of veterinary medical education
  • 2010
In teaching animal welfare, a clear definition that can be related to other concepts such as needs, health, and stress is needed.

Introduction: one health perspective.

The synergism achieved will advance health care for the 21st century and beyond by accelerating biomedical research discoveries, enhancing public health care, expeditiously expanding the knowledge base, and improving medical edu-cation and clinical care.

The Hoarding of Animals: An Update

The authors provide information about the human-animal bond that may provide a starting point for understanding the development of animal-hoarding disorder.

Animal welfare assessment at slaughter in Europe: moving from inputs to outputs.

Animal welfare: a complex domestic and international public-policy issue--who are the key players?

It is argued that animal welfare is a multifaceted international and domestic public-policy issue that must take account of not only scientific, ethical, and economic issues but also religious, cultural, and international trade policy considerations.

Animal Welfare Economics

This article highlights some key areas where economics can contribute to the current debate about animal welfare. Production economics reveals that producers will not maximize animal welfare, even if

When foods become animals: Ruminations on Ethics and Responsibility in Care-full practices of consumption

Providing information to consumers in the form of food labels about modern systems of animal farming is believed to be crucial for increasing their awareness of animal suffering and for promoting

Veterinarian challenges to providing a multi-agency response to farm animal welfare problems in Ireland: responding to the human factor.

The paper concludes with the requirements for a multi-agency approach in Ireland: the provision of tailored information and guidelines targeting government and private veterinarians and support services, and a comprehensive structure for relationship-building, planning, and cross-reporting between all the relevant agencies.