One RNA polymerase serving two genomes.

  title={One RNA polymerase serving two genomes.},
  author={Boris Hedtke and Thomas B{\"o}rner and Andreas Weihe},
  journal={EMBO reports},
  volume={1 5},
The land plant Arabidopsis thaliana contains three closely related nuclear genes encoding phage-type RNA polymerases (RpoT;1, RpoT;2 and RpoT;3). The gene products of RpoT;1 and RpoT;3 have previously been shown to be imported into mitochondria and chloroplasts, respectively. Here we show that the transit peptide of RpoT;2 possesses dual targeting properties. Transient expression assays in tobacco protoplasts as well as stable transformation of Arabidopsis plants demonstrate efficient targeting… CONTINUE READING
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