One-Pot Synthesis of Novel Spiro[quinazoline/pyrimidine]ones via Multi Component Reaction

  title={One-Pot Synthesis of Novel Spiro[quinazoline/pyrimidine]ones via Multi Component Reaction},
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Recent Developments in Acenaphthoquinone-Based Multicomponent Reactions: Synthesis of Spiroacenaphthylene Compounds
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Synthesis of New Functionally Substituted Aryl- and Hetarylcarbamates Based on Ninhydrin
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A catalyst-free, one-pot multicomponent synthesis of spiro-benzimidazoquinazolinones via a Knoevenagel–Michael-imine pathway: a microwave assisted approach
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One‐Pot Synthesis of Novel Spiro[quinazoline/pyrimidine]ones via Multi Component Reaction.
A new and facile one-pot method for synthesis of the title scaffolds is presented and further extended by employing two other reactive ketones instead of isatin.