One Plus One Makes Three: Buddhist Gender, Monasticism, and the Law of the Non-excluded Middle

  title={One Plus One Makes Three: Buddhist Gender, Monasticism, and the Law of the Non-excluded Middle},
  author={Janet Gyatso},
  journal={History of Religions},
  pages={89 - 115}
  • Janet Gyatso
  • Published 1 November 2003
  • History
  • History of Religions
On P ā li Vinaya Conceptions of Sex and Precedents for Transgender Ordination
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Dge-slong-ma dpal-mo, the Princess, the Mahasiddha, the Nun and the Lineage Holder: as Presented in the thob yig of Za-ya Paṇḍita Blo-bzang 'phrin-las (1642-1715)
Za-ya Paṇḍita Blo-bzang 'phrin-las (1642-1715) was a Khalkha Mongolian Tibetan Buddhist monk scholar belonging to the Dge-lugs-pa school of Tibetan Buddhism. He was a renowned Buddhist master who
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L'A. se propose d'etudier les pretres qui servaient des deesses dans les religions anciennes. Le point qui focalise cette etude, c'est le theme de la trangression des genres sexuels, l'inversions des