One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems and Benford's Law

  title={One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems and Benford's Law},
  author={Arno Berger and Leonid A. Bunimovich and Theodore P. Hill},
One-dimensional projections of (at least) almost all orbits of many multi- dimensional dynamical systems are shown to follow Benford's law, i.e. their (base b) mantissa distribution is asymptotically logarithmic, typically for all bases b. As a generalization and uniflcation of known results it is proved that under a (generic) non-resonance condition on A 2C d£d , for every z 2C d real and imaginary part of each non-trivial component of (A n z)n2N0 and (e At z)t‚0 follow Benford's law. Also… CONTINUE READING


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