Oncogenes in human primary hepatic cancer.

  title={Oncogenes in human primary hepatic cancer.},
  author={Jian Ren Gu and L. F. Hu and Yu Chin Cheng and Da Fang Wan},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology. Supplement},
Transfection assay of NIH 3T3 cells was performed with DNAs isolated from ten human PHC (primary hepatic cancer) specimens and a hepatoma 7402 cell line. Positive results were obtained in 7402 and in six out of ten PHC DNAs. Human N-ras gene was identified in transfectants from 7402 DNA and transformed cells from three PHC DNA samples, which had passed more than two cycles of transfection. The expression of N-ras was also remarkably enhanced in six out of nine poly(A)+RNA samples isolated from… CONTINUE READING


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