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Once reinforced random walk on $\mathbb{Z}\times \Gamma$

  title={Once reinforced random walk on \$\mathbb\{Z\}\times \Gamma\$},
  author={Daniel Kious and Bruno Schapira and Arvind Singh},
  journal={arXiv: Probability},
We revisit an unpublished paper of Vervoort (2002) on the once reinforced random walk, and prove that this process is recurrent on any graph of the form $\mathbb{Z}\times \Gamma$, with $\Gamma$ a finite graph, for sufficiently large reinforcement parameter. We also obtain a shape theorem for the set of visited sites, and show that the fluctuations around this shape are of polynomial order. The proof involves sharp general estimates on the time spent on subgraphs of the ambiant graph which might… 
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