On weighted first-order logics with discounting


We introduce a linear temporal logic and a first-order logic in the weighted setup of the max-plus semiring with discounting parameters in $$[0,1)$$ [ 0 , 1 ) . Furthermore, we define $$\omega \hbox {-}d$$ ω - d -star-free series and counter-free weighted Büchi automata. We show that the classes of series definable in fragments of the weighted linear… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s00236-013-0193-3


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@article{Mandrali2013OnWF, title={On weighted first-order logics with discounting}, author={Eleni Mandrali and George Rahonis}, journal={Acta Informatica}, year={2013}, volume={51}, pages={61-106} }