On volumes of arithmetic line bundles

  title={On volumes of arithmetic line bundles},
  author={Xinyi Yuan},
  journal={Compositio Mathematica},
  pages={1447 - 1464}
  • Xinyi Yuan
  • Published 3 November 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Compositio Mathematica
Abstract We show an arithmetic generalization of the recent work of Lazarsfeld–Mustaţǎ which uses Okounkov bodies to study linear series of line bundles. As applications, we derive a log-concavity inequality on volumes of arithmetic line bundles and an arithmetic Fujita approximation theorem for big line bundles. 
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Notation and Conventions.- One: Ample Line Bundles and Linear Series.- to Part One.- 1 Ample and Nef Line Bundles.- 2 Linear Series.- 3 Geometric Manifestations of Positivity.- 4 Vanishing Theorems.-
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