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On vicarious causation

  title={On vicarious causation},
  author={Graham Harman},
This article gives the outlines of a realist metaphysics, despite the continuing unpopularity of both realism and metaphysics in the continental tradition. Instead of the dull realism of mindless atoms and billiard balls that is usually invoked to spoil all the fun in philosophy, I will defend a weird realism. This model features a world packed full of ghostly real objects signaling to each other from inscrutable depths, unable to touch one another fully. There is an obvious link here with the… Expand
The Quadruple Object
This book gives Graham Harman's most forceful critique to date of philosophies that reject objects as a primary reality and introduces the term ontography as the study of the different possible permutations of objects and qualities. Expand
Richard Jackson: Between the Real and the Relational
Every once in a while, there occurs a certain shift in contemporary thought, which makes some kind of a cultural diagnosis necessary, perhaps even urgent. In recent years, we could observe such aExpand
Touching Without Touching: Objects of Post-Deconstructive Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology
Abstract This paper presents a juxtaposition of the understanding of objects in Jean-Luc Nancy’s postdeconstructive realism and Graham Harman’s object-oriented ontology, particularly with referenceExpand
Ethics and flesh:being touched by the otherness of things
Introduction If there is one discipline that can claim a close affinity with things then it has to be archaeology—in archaeology, one might suggest, there is a “particular kind of care, obligation,Expand
Consequences of panpsychism
What is it like to be a rock? Rudy Rucker’s science fiction story “Panpsychism Proved” provides one possible answer. A programmer at Apple named Shirley develops a new “mindlink” technology, whichExpand
Weird Reality, Aesthetics, and Vitality in Education
This paper discusses the repercussions of a new metaphysics—speculative/weird realism—for education and pedagogy. A historic shift is taking place in present-day continental philosophy, whichExpand
Object-Oriented Surrealism: Salvador Dalí and the Poetic Autonomy of Things
ABSTRACT This essay examines Surrealism in light of the realist turn in contemporary philosophy. Drawing on Graham Harman's writings on object-oriented ontology, the essay argues that SurrealistExpand
Meditations in Midair
There is a moment in nearly all Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons wherein the coyote, having been tricked into succumbing to his own more or less elaborate trap, runs off the edge of a cliff.Expand
Encountering Worlds: Performing In/As Philosophy in the Ecological Age
Within the context of the ‘Anthropocene’, the current geological epoch marked by the impact of human activity on terrestrial ecosystems and geological formations, this article considers the ways inExpand
The Obstinate Real: Barad, Escobar, and Object-Oriented Ontology
This paper argues for a conceptualization of ontological difference without one or many worlds, and argues for the rejection of the concept of world in favor of understanding space and time as emerging from polar tensions within the quadruple objects. Expand