On using emoticons and lingoes for hiding data in SMS

  title={On using emoticons and lingoes for hiding data in SMS},
  author={Vahab Iranmanesh and Ho Jing Wei and Sean Lee Dao-Ming and Olasimbo Ayodeji Arigbabu},
  journal={2015 International Symposium on Technology Management and Emerging Technologies (ISTMET)},
SMS is widely used as a daily communication service among people around the world. As such, SMS is a suitable means that can be readily exploited for transferring secret messages between individuals in a less conspicuous way. In this paper, we present an investigation on the suitability of hiding secret message in SMS. The hidden data are represented as lingoes and emoticons which are frequently used by users in SMS and chat. As a result, a pre-shared list, which is common between the sender… CONTINUE READING