On: unraveling the riddle of exhibitionism.

  • Louis Weisberg
  • Published 2009 in The International journal of psycho-analysis


Éoche-Duval B (2008). Review of APF Annuel 2007, vol.1 Le primitif. Que devient la régression? [The primitive. What becomes of regression?]. Int J Psychoanal 89:903–8. Spurling LS (2008). Is there still a place for the concept of ‘therapeutic regression’ in psychoanalysis? Int J Psychoanal 89:523–40. Thanopulos S (2008). Metaphorization amidst regression and withdrawal in the analysis of psychotic patients. In: The Italian Psychoanalytic Annual 2008, Theory and observation: Redefining the field, 141–56. Rome: Borla.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1745-8315.2009.00123.x

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