On universality of critical behaviour in Hamiltonian PDEs

  title={On universality of critical behaviour in Hamiltonian PDEs},
  author={Boris Dubrovin},
  journal={arXiv: Analysis of PDEs},
  • B. Dubrovin
  • Published 23 April 2008
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Analysis of PDEs
Our main goal is the comparative study of singularities of solutions to the systems of first order quasilinear PDEs and their perturbations containing higher derivatives. The study is focused on the subclass of Hamiltonian PDEs with one spatial dimension. For the systems of order one or two we describe the local structure of singularities of a generic solution to the unperturbed system near the point of "gradient catastrophe" in terms of standard objects of the classical singularity theory; we… 

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We begin with presentation of classification results in the theory of Hamiltonian PDEs with one spatial dimension depending on a small parameter. Special attention is paid to the deformation theory

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It is argued that near the critical point of gradient catastrophe of the dispersionless system, the solutions to a suitable initial value problem for the perturbed equations are approximately described by particular solutions to the Painlevé-I (P$$_I$$I) equation or its fourth-order analogue P$$-I^2$$I2.

Hamiltonian PDEs and Frobenius manifolds

In the first part of this paper the theory of Frobenius manifolds is applied to the problem of classification of Hamiltonian systems of partial differential equations depending on a small parameter.

Hamiltonian PDEs and Frobenius manifolds

In the first part of this paper the theory of Frobenius manifolds is applied to the problem of classification of Hamiltonian systems of partial differential equations depending on a small parameter.

A Deformation of the Method of Characteristics and the Cauchy Problem for Hamiltonian PDEs in the Small Dispersion Limit

We introduce a deformation of the method of characteristics valid for Hamiltonian perturbations of a scalar conservation law in the small dispersion limit. Our method of analysis is based on the


The present paper gives an overview of the recent developments in the description of critical behavior for Hamiltonian perturbations of hyperbolic and elliptic systems of partial differential

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We show that the fourth-order nonlinear ODE which controls the pole dynamics in the general solution of equation PI2 compatible with the KdV equation exhibits two remarkable properties: (1) it



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Hamiltonian perturbations of the simplest hyperbolic equation ut + a(u) ux = 0 are studied. We argue that the behaviour of solutions to the perturbed equation near the point of gradient catastrophe

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In a recent paper we proved that for certain class of perturbations of the hyperbolic equation ut = f (u)ux, there exist changes of coordinate, called quasi-Miura transformations, that reduce the

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I. Riemannian geometry of multidimensional Poisson brackets of hydrodynamic type. In [1] we developed the Hamiltonian formalism of general onedimensional systems of hydrodynamic type. Now suppose

The Hamiltonian formalism of one-dimensional systems of hydrodynamic type and the Bogoliubov-Whitham averaging method

Theorem 1. 1) Under local changes of the fields u = u(w) the coefficient g(u) in the bracket (2) transforms like a bilinear form (a tensor with upper indices); if det g 6= 0, then the expression b k

Numerical study of a multiscale expansion of KdV and Camassa-Holm equation

This paper is dedicated to P. Deift on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Abstract. We study numerically solutions to the Korteweg-de Vries and Camassa-Holm equation close to the breakup of the