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On two types of deadjectival nominals in Serbo-Croatian

  title={On two types of deadjectival nominals in Serbo-Croatian},
  author={Boban Arsenijevi},
  • Boban Arsenijevi
  • Published 2010
  • • SSN can only have the trope interpretation , and never the event reading. • I take the term trope in a slightly narrower sense than that of Moltman, the sense that Villalba (2009) calls a property, i.e. ‘a condition an object is in’, a type of predicates that are well paraphrased in English by the construction [ being + adjective]. I keep the term trope, as the term property is loaded with other uses. • As for the notion of an event, I take it as a non-h mogeneous predicate assigned a… CONTINUE READING

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