On two-dimensional nonlocal Venttsel' problems in piecewise smooth domains

  title={On two-dimensional nonlocal Venttsel' problems in piecewise smooth domains},
  author={Simone Creo and Maria Rosaria Lancia and Alexander I. Nazarov and Paola Vernole},
  journal={Discrete \& Continuous Dynamical Systems - S},
We establish the regularity results for solutions of nonlocal Venttsel' problems in polygonal and piecewise smooth two-dimensional domains. 

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Maximal regularity and strong solvability in Sobolev spaces are proved in linear and quasilinear Venttsel boundary value problems involving elliptic operators with discontinuous coefficients.

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Singular $p$-Homogenization for Highly Conductive Fractal Layers

  • S. Creo
  • Mathematics
    Zeitschrift für Analysis und ihre Anwendungen
  • 2021
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