On thermodynamics of black p-branes

  title={On thermodynamics of black p-branes},
  author={T. Muto},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • T. Muto
  • Published 3 May 1996
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters B
Abstract Thermodynamic properties of a class of black p-branes which are related by double dimensional reduction are investigated semi-classically. For black (d − 1)-brane in D dimensions, thermodynamic quantities depend on D and d only through the combination d ≡ D − d − 2 , that is, they are invariant under double dimensional reduction. The behavior of the Hawking temperature and the lifetime vary with d , with a certain critical value. Above the critical value, there remains a remanant, in… 
Black p-branes versus black holes in non-asymptotically flat Einstein-Yang-Mills theory
Abstract.We present a class of non-asymptotically flat (NAF) charged black p-branes (BpB) with p-compact dimensions in higher-dimensional Einstein-Yang-Mills theory. Asymptotically the NAF structure
Bound states of black holes and other p-branes
Abstract In the process of identifying heterotic and type II BPS string states with extremal dilaton black holes, it has been suggested that solutions with scalar/Maxwell parameters a = √3, 1, 1/√3
Bubbles and black branes in the grand canonical ensemble
When the phase structure of the black brane in a grand canonical ensemble is discussed, the bubble phase with the same boundary data should be included in this structure. As such, the phase


Thermodynamics for black strings and p-branes
Abstract By means of the Euclidean action approach, the thermodynamics of black strings and p-branes is investigated. The Arnowitt-Deser-Misner mass, temperature, entropy, chemical potential, heat
Black and super p-branes in diverse dimensions
We present a generic lagrangian, in arbitrary spacetime dimension D, describing the interaction of a dilaton, a graviton and an antisymmetric tensor of arbitrary rank d. For each D and d, we find
ADM masses for black strings and p-branes
Abstract An ADM mass formula is derived for a wide class of black solutions with certain spherical symmetry. By applying this formula, we calculate the ADM masses for recently discovered black
Stainless super p-branes
The elementary and solitonic supersymmetric p-brane solutions to supergravity theories form families related by dimensional reduction, each headed by a maximal (‘stainless’) member that cannot be
Black strings and p-branes
It is shown that low-energy string theory admits a variety of solutions with the structure of an extended object surrounded by an event horizon. In particular there is a family of black string
Electric-magnetic duality in string theory
The electric-magnetic duality transformation in four-dimensional heterotic string theory discussed by Shapere, Trivedi and Wilczek is shown to be an exact symmetry of the equations of motion of
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