On the wobble mode of a bicycle

  title={On the wobble mode of a bicycle},
  author={Manfred Ploechl and Johannes Edelmann and Bernhard Angrosch and Christopher Ott},
  journal={Vehicle System Dynamics},
  pages={415 - 429}
Wheel shimmy and wobble are well-known dynamic phenomena at automobiles, aeroplanes and motorcycles. In particular, wobble at the motorcycle is an (unstable) eigenmode with oscillations of the wheel about the steering axis, and it is no surprise that unstable bicycle wobble is perceived unpleasant or may be dangerous, if not controlled by the rider in time. Basic research on wobble at motorcycles within the last decades has revealed a better understanding of the sudden onset of wobble, and the… Expand
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Untersuchung des Wobble-Modes bei Fahrrädern – Theorie und Fahrversuch
  • Diploma thesis, Vienna University of Technology,
  • 2011