On the use of asymptotically motivated gauge functions to obtain convergent series solutions to nonlinear ODEs

  title={On the use of asymptotically motivated gauge functions to obtain convergent series solutions to nonlinear ODEs},
  author={Nastaran Naghshineh and Wolfgang Reinberger and Nathaniel S. Barlow and Mohamed A. Samaha and Steven J. Weinstein},
  journal={IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics},
We examine the power series solutions of two classical nonlinear ordinary differential equations of fluid mechanics that are mathematically related by their large-distance asymptotic behaviors in semi-infinite domains. The first problem is that of the “Sakiadis” boundary layer over a moving flat wall, for which no exact analytic solution has been put forward. The second problem is that of a static air–liquid meniscus with surface tension that intersects a flat wall at a given contact angle… 

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Keywords: dynamique des : fluides Reference Record created on 2005-11-18, modified on 2016-08-08

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