On the use of Reed-Solomon codes in Space-Time Coding

  title={On the use of Reed-Solomon codes in Space-Time Coding},
  author={Massinissa Lalam and Karine Amis and Dominique Leroux},
  journal={2005 IEEE 16th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications},
In this paper, we present an original use of Reed-Solomon (RS) codes as space-time block codes (STBCs) and compare them to orthogonal STBCs (OSTBCs). Due to their symbol structure, they can have a representation close to that of an STBC. RS codes are admittedly more complex to decode as they have no orthogonal properties. However, they offer much higher coding rates. In addition, a wide range of these codes can be easily generated. To decode them, we have developed a new algorithm using a… CONTINUE READING