On the unitarity problem in space/time noncommutative theories

  title={On the unitarity problem in space/time noncommutative theories},
  author={Dorothea Bahns and Sergio Doplicher and Klaus Fredenhagen and Gherardo Piacitelli},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Particle Physics on Noncommutative Space-Time

This is a concise overview of the construction of Yang-Mills theories with realistic gauge groups on noncommutative generalizations of space-time and of the construction of the noncommutative

UV/IR duality in noncommutative quantum field theory

We review the construction of renormalizable noncommutative Euclidean ϕ4-theories based on the UV/IR duality covariant modification of the standard field theory, and how the formalism can be extended


By considering a new form of dimensional reduction for noncommutative field theory, we show that the signature of spacetime may be changed. In particular, it is demonstrated that a temporal dimension

Time-ordered perturbation theory on non-commutative spacetime II: Unitarity

Abstract. We examine the unitarity issue in the recently proposed time-ordered perturbation theory on noncommutative (NC) spacetime. We show that unitarity is preserved as long as the interaction

Noncommutative Instantons on d = 2n Planes from Matrix Models

In the case of an invertible coordinate commutator matrix θij, we derive a general instanton solution of the noncommutative gauge theories on d = 2n planes given in terms of n oscillators.

On the unitarity of higher derivative and nonlocal theories

We consider two simple models of higher derivative and nonlocal quantum systems. It is shown that, contrary to some claims found in literature, they can be made unitary.

The Interface of Noncommutative Geometry and Physics

As a mathematical theory, noncommutative geometry (NCG) is by now well established. From the beginning, its progress has been crucially influenced by quantum physics: we briefly review this

Ultraviolet Finiteness of the averaged Hamiltonian on the noncommutative Minkowski space

It is shown that the Hamiltonian approach for a $\phi^3$-interaction on the 4-dimensional noncommutative Minkowski space leads to an ultraviolet finite $S$-matrix if the noncommutativity is averaged



Remarks on Time-Space Noncommutative Field Theories

We propose a physical interpretation of the perturbative breakdown of unitarity in time-like non-commutative field theories in terms of production of tachyonic particles. These particles may be

Divergencies in a field theory on quantum space

Space-time noncommutative field theories and unitarity

D-branes and Deformation Quantization

In this note we explain how world-volume geometries of D-branes can be reconstructed within the microscopic framework where D-branes are described through boundary conformal field theory. We extract

On theories with light-like noncommutativity

We show that field theories with light-like noncommutativity, that is with θ0i = -θ1i, are unitary quantum theories, and that they can be obtained as decoupled field theory limits of string theory

The quantum structure of spacetime at the Planck scale and quantum fields

We propose uncertainty relations for the different coordinates of spacetime events, motivated by Heisenberg's principle and by Einstein's theory of classical gravity. A model of Quantum Spacetime is

S Matrix in the Heisenberg Representation

The elements of the S matrix are calculated directly from an operator formalism, using the method of Yang and Feldman. This method has the advantage of providing a simple and direct justification of

Closed star products and cyclic cohomology

We define the notion of a closed star product. A (generalized) star product (deformation of the associative product of functions on a symplectic manifold W) is closed iff integration over W is a