On the ubiquity of Gorenstein rings

  title={On the ubiquity of Gorenstein rings},
  • Published 1963
Introduction APIARY [23~, and subsequently GORENSTEIN Eg] and SAMUEL [2(r proved 9 3-~ t that if (2 is a point on a plane curve then no=2d Q, where dQ=dlmw0/ 9 Q and nQ = dim C'Q/~Q, 9 being the local ring of Q, CQ its normalization, and ~Q the conductor. This condition has received attention from a variety of algebraic geometers, and recently ROQUETTE [19J and BEI~GER [52 have put it i n a rather general algebraic setting. Furthermore, ROSENLICHT [24~ (see also [211) proved that ~ o = 2 d o if… CONTINUE READING
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