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On the trailing edge singularity and Kutta condition for 3D airfoils

  title={On the trailing edge singularity and Kutta condition for 3D airfoils},
  author={P. Bassanini and C. Casciola and M. R. Lancia and R. Piva},
  journal={European Journal of Mechanics B-fluids},
The steady incompressible inviscid flow past a 3D airfoil with a sharp trailing edge TE is not uniquely determined unless the vorticity released into the wake at TE is prescribed. In the physical flow, this must be done in such a way that the flow velocity u is finite at TE (Kutta condition). In this paper, the explicit singular behavior of u at the trailing edge is determined using recent analytical results by Kondrat'ev and Oleinik, and the Kutta condition is enforced by removing the… Expand
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