On the time allometry of co-ordinated rhythmic movements.

  title={On the time allometry of co-ordinated rhythmic movements.},
  author={Michael T. Turvey and R. C. Schmidt and Lawrence D. Rosenblum and P. N. Kugler},
  journal={Journal of theoretical biology},
  volume={130 3},
The focus is the power formulae relating periodic time in terrestrial locomotion and flight to mass and length. The periodic timing of limbs and wings oscillating comfortably in absolute co-ordination is viewed as the characteristic period tau 0 of a system in which the free, undamped oscillatory motion of a point mass m at a distance l from a fixed axis does work against two conservative forces. These forces are in the form of gravity g acting on the point mass and a spring of stiffness k… CONTINUE READING

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