On the third gap for proper holomorphic maps between balls

  title={On the third gap for proper holomorphic maps between balls},
  author={Xiaojun Huang and Shanyu Ji and Wanke Yin},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
Let $$F$$F be a proper rational map from the complex ball $$\mathbb B ^n$$Bn into $$\mathbb B ^N$$BN with $$n>7$$n>7 and $$3n+1 \le N\le 4n-7$$3n+1≤N≤4n-7. Then $$F$$F is equivalent to a map $$(G, 0, \dots , 0)$$(G,0,⋯,0) where $$G$$G is a proper holomorphic map from $$\mathbb B ^n$$Bn into $$\mathbb B ^{3n}$$B3n. 
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