On the structure of isentropes of polynomial maps

  title={On the structure of isentropes of polynomial maps},
  author={Henk Bruin and Sebastian van Strien},
  journal={Dynamical Systems},
  pages={381 - 392}
The structure of isentropes (i.e. sets of constant topological entropy) including the monotonicity of entropy has been studied for polynomial interval maps since the 1980s. We show that isentropes of multimodal polynomial families need not be locally connected and that entropy does in general not depend monotonically on a single critical value. 
Entropy Monotonicity and Superstable Cycles for the Quadratic Family Revisited
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In this paper we discuss two different existing algorithms for computing topological entropy and we perform one of them in order to compute the isentropes for cubic polynomials.
A survey on computing the topological entropy of cubic polynomials
  • Noah Cockram, Ana Rodrigues
  • Mathematics
  • Indagationes Mathematicae
  • 2021
Abstract In this paper we discuss two different existing algorithms for computing topological entropy and we implement one of them in order to compute the isentropes for cubic polynomials.
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Remarks on Iterated Cubic Maps
  • J. Milnor
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Exp. Math.
  • 1992
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In Section 1, we give the definition and general properties of the topological entropy of a map f : X→ X where X is a compact (metrizable) space.
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