On the splitting of the Bloch-Beilinson filtration

  title={On the splitting of the Bloch-Beilinson filtration},
  author={Arnaud BEAUVILLE}
  • Arnaud BEAUVILLE
This paper deals with the Chow ring CH(X) (with rational coefficients) of a smooth projective variety X – that is, the Q-algebra of algebraic cycles on X , modulo rational equivalence. This is a basic invariant of the variety X , which may be thought of as an algebraic counterpart of the cohomology ring of a compact manifold; in fact there is a Q-algebra homomorphism cX : CH(X)→ H(X,Q) , the cycle class map. But unlike the cohomology ring, the Chow ring, and in particular the kernel of cX , is… CONTINUE READING


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