On the separation of a pure albumin from egg‐white

  title={On the separation of a pure albumin from egg‐white},
  author={F. G. Hopkins},
  journal={The Journal of Physiology},
TEIE chemical study of animal proteids made one of its greatest advances when Hofmeister showed that under special conditions egg-albumins could be crystallised. When to this discover*y was added the observation of Gurber showing that Hofineister's method of crystallization could be extended to certain serum-albumins, there became available for research representative proteid material obtainable in practicable quantities, and possessing some guarantee of purity. The work of the decade which has… Expand
On the optical rotatory power of crystalline ovalbumin and serum albumin
The need for a physical method by means of which it would be possible to recognise a chemical individual of the protein group of compounds has undoubtedly been one of the factors contributing to theExpand
Separation of ovotransferrin from chicken egg white without using organic solvents.
A simple and easy method to separate ovotransferrin without using organic solvents is developed, which can be used as is or after modifications for various applications such as antimicrobial treatments, anticancer treatments, and iron-supplementing agents for humans. Expand
Single-Step Purification of Ovalbumin from Egg White Using Aqueous Biphasic Systems.
It is shown that ovalbumin can be completely recovered from the PEG-rich phase by an induced precipitation using an inexpensive and sustainable separation platform which can be easily applied on an industrial scale. Expand
Sequential separation of lysozyme, ovomucin, ovotransferrin, and ovalbumin from egg white.
The protocol separated 4 major proteins in sequence, and the method was simple and easily scaled up. Expand
Isolation, Purification and Antimicrobial Efficacy of Ovotransferrin from Eggs of Broiler, Domestic and Quail
Ovotransferrin is one of the major egg white proteins that have antimicrobial activity as well as iron binding capability. The objective of this study was to develop a simple and easy method toExpand
The Estimation of Proteins by the Precipitation Reaction.
The amount of crystallisable albumin in egg-white and the amount of total globulin in horse serum have been estimated by means of the precipitation reaction and it appears advisable to use only antisera prepared against individual proteins. Expand
Sequential Separation of Lysozyme and Ovalbumin from Chicken Egg White
Lysozyme was trapped from 2× diluted egg white using Amberlite FPC 3500 ion exchange resin (1 g/10mL of egg white). The lysozyme bound to the resin was recovered using 0.1 N glycine-NaOH buffers, pHExpand
Enzymatic hydrolysis of ovalbumin and the functional properties of the hydrolysates.
The enzymatic hydrolysis significantly increased the functionality of ovalbumin, and the improvement depended upon the composition of peptides produced rather than the number of the peptide produced. Expand
Egg white proteins and their potential use in food processing or as nutraceutical and pharmaceutical agents--a review.
Hydlyzed peptides from these proteins showed very good angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory, anticancer, metal binding, and antioxidant activities, indicating emerging areas with many new applications of separation of egg white proteins and the productions of bioactive peptide from eggwhite proteins. Expand
Direct Crystallization of Proteins from Impure Sources
In recent years, with the rapidly increasing demand for pure protein products in various fields (biomedicines, biochemical reagents, food industries, etc.), the need for low-cost, high-qualityExpand


34 2 c.c. moist N at 210 and 756 mm
  • D2 0'2210 grm. gave C02 *4280 grm., H20 *1394 grm. 0-2490
As 0-2025 grm. gave 27"2 c.c. moist N at 26 50 and 765 mm. A5 0-2100 grm. gave C02 *4067 grm
    B3 0'2100 grm. gave 28-6 c.c. moist N at 210 and 760 mm
      and 768 mm. C2 0-2705 grm. gave 34-7 c.c. moist N at 13-5°and 770 mm. Cf 0-1995 grm. gave C02 *3850 grm
      • Bb 0-2020 grm