On the security of multi-party ping-pong protocols

  title={On the security of multi-party ping-pong protocols},
  author={Shimon Even and Oded Goldreich},
  journal={24th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (sfcs 1983)},
We define a p-party ping-pong protocol and its security problem, along the lines of Dolev and Yao's definition for twoparty ping-pong protocol. In the case of two parties, it was assumed, with no loss of generality, that there exists a single saboteur in the net and the protocol was defined to be secure iff it was secure against the active interventions of one saboteur. We show that for more than 2 parties this assumption can no longer be made and that for p parties 3(p-2) + 1 is a lower bound… CONTINUE READING
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