On the search for the electrical synapse: a glimpse at the future

  title={On the search for the electrical synapse: a glimpse at the future},
  author={G. Zoidl and R. Dermietzel},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
  • G. Zoidl, R. Dermietzel
  • Published 2002
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Cell and Tissue Research
  • Abstract. The traditional concept of electrotonic synapses suggests that they synchronize outputs from coupled neurons and provide rapid impulse propagation between pre- and postsynaptic elements. These properties have provided an evolutionary advantage in certain behavioral repertoires, for example, in the rapid impulse propagation between axonal segments in the crayfish and in electrotonic synapses on motoneurons. Recent theoretical and experimental evidence, in particular with regard to… CONTINUE READING
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