On the role of eyes and brain photoreceptors in the sparrow: Entrainment to light cycles

  title={On the role of eyes and brain photoreceptors in the sparrow: Entrainment to light cycles},
  author={J. P. McMillan and Henry C. Keatts and M. Menaker},
  journal={Journal of comparative physiology},
SummaryThe eyes and extraretinal brain photoreceptor(s) of the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) both contribute to entrainment of the locomotor rhythm. During exposure to a light cycle of low intensity 25 sparrows were entrained and eight free-ran (Table 1). Birds free-running under these conditions became entrained after the intensity of light reaching the brain was increased by plucking their head feathers (Fig. 1). Following carbon black injection beneath the skin over the skull of 23 of… Expand
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