On the role(s) of additives in bioinspired silicification.

  title={On the role(s) of additives in bioinspired silicification.},
  author={Siddharth V Patwardhan and Stephen J. Clarson and Carole C. Perry},
  journal={Chemical communications},
Biological organisms are able to direct the formation of patterned and hierarchical biomineral structures. Extractable organic materials have been found entrapped in diatom, sponge and plant biosilica, some of which have been isolated by selective chemical dissolution methods and their composition and structure studied. Information gained from the bioextracts has inspired materials chemists to design biomimetic analogues and develop bioinspired synthetic schemes for silica formation. The… CONTINUE READING

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Cellular complexity captured in durable silica biocomposites.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America • 2012

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