On the relativistic magnetic reconnection

  title={On the relativistic magnetic reconnection},
Reconnection of the magnetic lines of force is considered in case the magnetic energy exceeds the rest energy of the matter. It is shown that the classical Sweet-Parker and Petschek models are generalized straightforwardly to this case and the reconnection rate may be estimated by substituting the Alfven velocity in the classical formulas by the speed of light. The outflow velocity in the Sweet-Parker configuration is mildly relativistic. In the Petschek configuration, the outflow velocity is… Expand
Relativistic magnetic reconnection driven by a laser interacting with a micro-scale plasma slab
It is demonstrated that ultrafast relativistic MR in a magnetically dominated regime can be triggered by a readily available (TW-mJ-class) laser interacting with a micro-scale plasma slab, resulting in an unprecedented regime of MR in the laboratory. Expand
Collisionless magnetic reconnection in relativistic plasmas with particle-in-cell simulations
The purpose of this thesis is to study magnetic reconnection in collisionless and relativistic plasmas. Such plasmas can be encountered in various astrophysical objects (microquasars, AGNs, GRBs...),Expand
Generation of cold magnetized relativistic plasmas at the rear of thin foils irradiated by ultra-high-intensity laser pulses
A scheme to generate magnetized relativistic plasmas in laboratory is proposed. It is based on interaction of ultra-high-intensity sub-picosecond laser pulses with few-micron thick foils or films. ByExpand
Multi-D magnetohydrodynamic modelling of pulsar wind nebulae: recent progress and open questions
In the last decade, the relativistic magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modelling of pulsar wind nebulae, and of the Crab nebula in particular, has been highly successful, with many of the observed dynamicalExpand
Present Status Of Particle Acceleration In Relativistic Outflows
Relativistic outflows are ubiquitous in high-energy cosmic phenomena. Whether their reservoir of free energy at launch is in the form of bulk kinetic, magnetic or gravitational, it is ultimatelyExpand
Ultrahigh Energy Activity in Giant Magnetar Outbursts
The recent superflare of 27 December 2004 from the magnetar SGR 1806-20 was the brightest extrasolar flash ever recorded in the modern era. The chances for seeing exotic ultrahigh energy (UHE)Expand
A resistive extension for ideal MHD
We present an extension to the special relativistic, ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations, designed to capture effects due to resistivity. The extension takes the simple form of an additionalExpand
Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts Prompt Emission
In recent years, our understanding of gamma-ray bursts (GRB) prompt emission has been revolutionized, due to a combination of new instruments, new analysis methods, and novel ideas. In this review,Expand
Very high order PNPM schemes on unstructured meshes for the resistive relativistic MHD equations
The proposed high order method for the numerical solution of the resistive relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (RRMHD) equations on unstructured meshes in multiple space dimensions provides a powerful tool for relativists astrophysical simulations involving the appearance of magnetic reconnection. Expand
Gamma-Ray Burst in Swift and Fermi Era
We update gamma-ray burst (GRB) luminosity relations among certain spectral and light-curve features with 139 GRBs. The distance modulus of 82 GRBs at z > 1.4 can be calibrated with the sample at zExpand