On the properties of the massive binary black hole merger GW170729

  title={On the properties of the massive binary black hole merger GW170729},
  author={K. Chatziioannou and R. Cotesta and S. Ghonge and J. Lange and K. Ng and J. C. Bustillo and J. Clark and Carl-Johan Haster and Saadbin Khan and M. Puerrer and V. Raymond and S. Vitale and N. Afshari and S. Babak and K. Barkett and J. Blackman and A. Boh'e and Michael Boyle and A. Buonanno and M. Campanelli and G. Carullo and T. Chu and E. Flynn and H. Fong and A. Garcia and Matthew Giesler and M. Haney and M. Hannam and I. Harry and J. Healy and Daniel A. Hemberger and I. Hinder and K. Jani and Bhavesh Khamersa and L. Kidder and P. Kumar and P. Laguna and C. Lousto and G. Lovelace and T. B. Littenberg and L. London and M. Millhouse and L. Nuttall and F. Ohme and R. O’Shaughnessy and S. Ossokine and F. Pannarale and P. Schmidt and H. P. Pfeiffer and M. Scheel and L. Shao and D. Shoemaker and B. Szil{\'a}gyi and A. Taracchini and S. Teukolsky and Y. Zlochower},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
  • K. Chatziioannou, R. Cotesta, +53 authors Y. Zlochower
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
  • We present a detailed investigation into the properties of GW170729, the gravitational wave with the most massive and distant source confirmed to date. We employ an extensive set of waveform models, including new improved models that incorporate the effect of higher-order waveform modes which are particularly important for massive systems. We find no indication of spin-precession, but the inclusion of higher-order modes in the models results in an improved estimate for the mass ratio of $(0.3-0… CONTINUE READING
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