On the proof of the positive mass conjecture in general relativity

  title={On the proof of the positive mass conjecture in general relativity},
  author={R. Schoen and S. Yau},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • R. Schoen, S. Yau
  • Published 1979
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
LetM be a space-time whose local mass density is non-negative everywhere. Then we prove that the total mass ofM as viewed from spatial infinity (the ADM mass) must be positive unlessM is the flat Minkowski space-time. (So far we are making the reasonable assumption of the existence of a maximal spacelike hypersurface. We will treat this topic separately.) We can generalize our result to admit wormholes in the initial-data set. In fact, we show that the total mass associated with each asymptotic… Expand
The Proof of the Positive Mass Theorem using Minimal Surfaces
The positive mass theorem of general relativity to be addressed here states that the total mass of an isolated gravitational system (viewed from spatial infinity, known as the ADM mass) must beExpand
Positive mass theorems for black holes
We extend Witten's proof of the positive mass theorem at spacelike infinity to show that the mass is positive for initial data on an asymptotically flat spatial hypersurface Σ which is regularExpand
Generalized theorem on positive definiteness of energy in the general relativity theory
We introduce the notion of the energy of gravitational and material fields with respect to an arbitrary time-like vector field and a space-like hypersurface as an integral over a nonholonomicExpand
The spacetime positive mass theorem in dimensions less than eight
We prove the spacetime positive mass theorem in dimensions less than eight. This theorem states that for any asymptotically flat initial data set satisfying the dominant energy condition, the ADMExpand
Stability of the Spacetime Positive Mass Theorem in Spherical Symmetry
The rigidity statement of the positive mass theorem asserts that an asymptotically flat initial data set for the Einstein equations with zero ADM mass, and satisfying the dominant energy condition,Expand
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We affirm the rigidity conjecture of the spacetime positive mass theorem in dimensions less than eight. Namely, if an asymptotically flat initial data set satisfies the dominant energy condition andExpand
A remark on the rigidity case of the positive energy theorem
In their proof of the positive energy theorem, Schoen and Yau showed that every asymptotically flat spacelike hypersurface M of a Lorentzian manifold which is flat along M can be isometricallyExpand
On the Mass of Static Metrics with Positive Cosmological Constant: II
This is the second of two works, in which we discuss the definition of an appropriate notion of mass for static metrics, in the case where the cosmological constant is positive and the modelExpand
Positive mass theorem for the Yamabe problem on spin manifolds
Abstract.Let (M, g) be a compact connected spin manifold of dimension n ≥ 3 whose Yamabe invariant is positive. We assume that (M, g) is locally conformally flat or that n ∈ {3, 4, 5}. According to aExpand
On the near-equality case of the Positive Mass Theorem
The Positive Mass Conjecture states that any complete asymptotically flat manifold of nonnnegative scalar curvature has nonnegative mass. Moreover, the equality case of the Positive Mass ConjectureExpand


Solution of the local mass problem in general relativity
The local mass problem is solved. That is, in suitable function spaces, it is shown that for any vacuum space-time near flat space, its massm is strictly positive. The relationship to other work inExpand
Variational methods and positive energy in general relativity
Abstract The problem of positive-definiteness of the field energy in general relativity is analyzed and resolved by means of a variational procedure. It is shown that, among all asymptotically flatExpand
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A formalism is introduced for analyzing the structure of the gravitational field in the asymptotic limit at spatial infinity. Consider a three‐dimensional surface S in the space‐time such that theExpand
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The Hamiltonian for general relativity obtained in a previous paper furnishes a definition of energy whose physical interpretation is direct, and which fulfills the conditions required of the energyExpand
Curvature estimates for minimal hypersurfaces
In [12] J. Simons initiated a study of minimal cones from a more differential geometric point of view than had previously been attempted. One of Simons' main results was an identity for the LaplacianExpand
On the positive energy conjecture
A theorem, to the effect that the positive energy conjecture is true for any space–time possessing a flat spatial hypersurface, is obtained.
Multiple Integrals in the Calculus of Variations
Semi-classical results.- The spaces Hmp and Hmp0.- Existence theorems.- Differentiability of weak solutions.- Regularity theorems for the solutions of general elliptic systems and boundary valueExpand
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General relativity
Maximal Hypersurfaces and Positivity of Mass