On the practical limits to substitution

  title={On the practical limits to substitution},
  author={Robert U. Ayres},
  journal={Ecological Economics},
  • R. Ayres
  • Published 15 February 2007
  • Economics
  • Ecological Economics

Natural resources in the theory of production: the Georgescu-Roegen/Daly versus Solow/Stiglitz controversy

  • Quentin Couix
  • Economics
    The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
  • 2019
Abstract This paper provides a theoretical and methodological account of an important controversy between neoclassical resource economics and ecological economics from the early 1970s to the end of

The role of natural resources in production: Georgescu-Roegen/ Daly versus Solow/ Stiglitz

This paper proposes a historical and epistemological account of one of the key controversy between natural resources economics and ecological economics, lasting from early 1970s to the end of 1990s.

Unmasking decoupling: Redefining the Resource Intensity of the Economy.

Author ' s personal copy Economic degrowth vs . steady-state economy

In recent years the concept of economic de-growth (decroissance) based on the literature of Nicolas Georgescu-Roegen e.g. [1–3] has found a revival in France, Italy, Spain and other countries, in the

Dematerialization, Decoupling, and Productivity Change

A defense of reasonable pluralism in economics

  • L. Larue
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Economic Methodology
  • 2022
This article aims to defend a novel account of pluralism in economics. First, it argues that what justi fi es pluralism is its epistemological bene fi ts. Second, it acknowledges that pluralism has

On the Feasibility of Perpetual Growth in a Decentralized Economy Subject to Environmental Constraints

We propose an endogenous growth model of a decentralized economy subject to environmental constraints. In a basic version, we consider an economy where final production requires some material input

Economic de-growth vs. steady-state economy




The Economics of Resources or the Resources of Economics

It is easy to choose a subject for a distinguished lecture like this, before a large and critical audience with a wide range of interests. You need a topic that is absolutely contemporary, but

Economics of Production.

DISCUSSING “Medieval Economic Theory in Modern Industrial Life,” Prof. Mauritz Bonn, of Berlin, before Section F (Economic Science and Statistics) at the recent Glasgow meeting of the British

The End of Cheap Oil

The End of Cheap Oil In 1973 and 1979 a pair of sudden price increases rudely awakened the industrial world to its dependence on cheap crude oil. Prices first tripled in response to an Arab embargo

Do Real Output and Real Wage Measures Capture Reality? The History of Lighting Suggests Not

Historical studies of the growth in real wages and output depend upon the accurate measure of the price trends of goods and services. Over long periods of time, the consumption bundle has changed

The Steady State and Ecological Salvation: A Thermodynamic Analysis

If the authors can prevent change, they ensure everlasting social stability, a society nearest to immortality, as Plato dreamt, and the recently revived version of an old theme of John Stuart Mill, according to which ecological salvation lies in a steady-state mankind.

Economy and ecology : towards sustainable development

1. The Challenge of Sustainable Development.- 2. 'Our Common Future', Sustaining the Momentum.- 3. Ecological Sustainability and Economic Development.- 4. Towards Sustainable Development: an

Resources and Man

book shows its age mainly by the almost apologetic attitude to the role of the geologist in industry. It is doubtful if geologists in the I97os will feel the need to justify their existence so